2022 SPS Elections

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The Annual SPS Elections were held on April 8, 2022 in Room 313. Our esteemed President William Musk, Treasurer Madeline Gyllenhoff, Secretary Michael Stepniczka, Outreach Coordinator Maya Parker, and Social Media Chair Bramwell Shafer are all graduating this year and pursuing their scientific and professional pursuits elsewhere. Also graduating are Sigma Pi Sigma President Emiko Gardiner, Vice President Gracemarie Buehlmann, and Social Chair Abby Hellman, all of whom will be attending graduate school. We wish all of our graduating members the best and thank them for their years of leadership and friendship.

The results of the SPS officer elections for the 2022-2023 academic year are as follows:

  • President: Philip Velie
  • Vice President: Darren Upton
  • Sigma Pi Sigma President: Ethan McKeever
  • Sigma Pi Sigma Vice Presidents: Sophia Yi and Katya Mikhailova
  • Treasurer: Claire Huchthausen
  • Secretary: Joshua Cole Faggert
  • Outreach Chairs: Shrinidhi Nadgouda and Bejoy Sen
  • Social Chair: Dawn Ford
  • Sigma Pi Sigma Outreach and Social Chair: Jason Boynewicz
  • Webmaster: Peter Manto
  • Diversity Chair: Kai Vylet

Congratulations to all of the SPS officers! We will see you all next year.

Sigma Pi Sigma inductees and Executive Board Emi Gardiner, Gracemarie Buehlmann, and Abby Hellman.