2019 Sigma Pi Sigma Research Symposium

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The Ninth Annual Undergraduate Physics Research Symposium was held on November 8, 2019 in room 177 in Newcomb Hall. Five undergraduates gave oral presentations of their physics and astronomy-related research at the event, and 5 undergraduates presented posters. Topics presented that placed are as follows:


  • Levi Schult: Improving Pulsar Timing with Wideband Pulse Portraits
  • Liam Walters: Dense Gas Tracers in the Most Massive Infrared Dark Cloud
  • Morgan Waddy: Observing Mildly-Recycled Binary Pulsar J1516-43

Oral Presentations

  • Eric Rohr: On the Galaxy-Halo Size Relation at Cosmic Noon in FIREbox
  • Morgan Waddy: Testing General Relativity with Black Hole-Pulsars
  • Ethan Blaser: Developing a Photometric Data Pipeline in Support of the Exoplanet Survey
  • Lingnan Shen: Polarizer Design for FnPN at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Prizes were given to the best three presentations and posters. We would like to congratulate the following students for their outstanding performance:


  • 1st place: Eric Rohr
  • 2nd place: Ethan Blaser
  • 3rd place: Lingnan Shen


  • 1st place: Levi Schult
  • 2nd place: Liam Walters
  • 3rd place: Morgan Waddy

We would like to give special thanks to our judges: Profs. Arnold, Norum, and Wilson. We also would like to thank the Physics and Astronomy Departments for support for prizes.